Here to capture the moment & tell your story.

Hi there! I’m Shubham, a passionate photographer & videographer currently based in Agra. My eye for detail, the need to seize every moment and love for the camera translated into ‘Pixel Factory’.

I picked up the camera a few years ago and then, there was no turning back. Unless the shot required it to be done so! Just after I completed my MBA in 2015, I took a commercial photography course in Udaan School of Photography, Mumbai.

I can find emotion and spirit in anything and never want to miss out on capturing it. I’m open to working in a field of fashion, food, portraits, anything that requires a camera.



Clients Worked With

What can I do for you?

I can take you right from scratch to a portfolio of special moments.

  • Curating and building on the idea
  • Referencing images and locations
  • Helping you find the right type of shoot to pick
  • Keeping a look-out for aesthetics and style.

    Why Choose Pixel?
    Share an experience.
    We, at Pixel Factory, love the idea of crafting out your moments into visualized emotions and do just that for you

    With over 8 years of experience in the industry, we’ve worked with over 50 clients and focus on producing the best quality project results with the latest techniques and cater to your every need.

    Can’t wait for you to join the Pixel Fam!